Welcome back!

Hello and Welcome to first of the many blogs that we will be doing on the new  blog page, Whether you are a returning fan or are just finding us now we welcome you, And hope you enjoy all the new content which will be coming from us over the following months, Id like to thank Luke for making me a valued member of the team, And I hope he will be impressed with what I produce for the website, On this first blog I will be explaining our new blog schedule and how you can get more involved with the other fans.

Our new blog schedule will be as follows, We will be producing new blogs every two to three weeks on this page, By we I mean me (Scott) and owner Luke, It will be either me or him posting them over the time periods and it will be stated at the end of each post who the author is, The blogs will consist of info that we may have been requested to write about, Or even something that has been popular in the geocaching world over the past week, This blog is simply an explanation and a welcome back to G4B.

One way to get involved with other fans of G4B is very simple, As our main fan base is located on facebook which is possibly the easiest way to interact with people, We will be inviting fans to post new ideas that they think will improve our content here on G4B, So if you see any posts on the facebook page in the recent future then feel free to comment and interact with other fans, As we feel it will help us grow and become better in every way.

Here at G4B, I have been a one man band since the creation of the site, But I have welcomed in a new member, He is called Scott, He will be writing blog posts along with myself Luke,  He will be also moderate them and also be replying to comments on them as well, He will now join me at G4B, Luke, Ihope that Scott will enjoy being part of the team and I would like him to be welcomed by all of the G4B fans as well.

To finalise this blog we would like to thank you the reader, For returning and supporting us, This blog was produced by both me and Luke but the others will mainly be solo produced blogs, Thanks again and we hope you enjoy all of the upcoming content from G4B.


Photograph taken by Luke.





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